Skater of the Month - Tortellina Temptress

Next up in our Skater of the Month trifecta for March is another one of LVRG's coaches, #29 Tortellina Temptress (or Torte for short).

Torte is a powerful blocker on the track, using quick and graceful footwork to keep the jammer back, which we can in part attribute to her time spent as a dancer. As an 8 year veteran of the sport of roller derby, Torte has seen a lot of game play. Because of this, she has become a priceless strategist when it comes to the mental competition at work beneath our sport's fierce physical exterior. Oh, and we can't forget her amazing problem solving skills- this past weekend she whittled a pivot cup to fit into one of our tinier-footed member's skate. (For those unsure, we promise, it was awesome!)

Photo credit: Jammertime- Ken LeBleu

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