New Home Teams

Two years ago, we saw the creation of the two home teams for Lehigh Valley Rollergirls (LVRG) - the Metal Vixens (MV) and the Blast Furnace Betties (BFB). The reason for this setup was that our growing league needed a way to get more bout time for all skaters on the league. Captains were nominated by the skaters and were voted in by the league during our December 2015 elections. Even though a home team can have an unlimited amount of skaters, only 14 are rostered for a bout.

At the beginning of each season, LVRG holds skating assessments and written rules tests for all of the skaters on the league. This process is to ensure that the skaters all know the rules and that they did not forget how to skate during the off season! After passing these tests, the captains of each home team meet to draft skaters onto their home team. That means your favorite Metal Vixen skater from last year may now be a Blast Furnace Bettie!

Double Barrel Hotgunz #215 is the captain for the Metal Vixens and Christie Winkler #18 is the captain for the Blast Furnace Betties. This year's draft just happened to coincide with our league meeting on Friday, February 5th, 2016. Each of the captains had a bag of roses - silver for the Metal Vixens and red for the Blast Furnace Betties. When the name of the skater was announced, the captain handed out the colored rose for the team for this season. Talk about anticipation -- Stella could not contain herself! In all, fourteen skaters were drafted onto each home team to start the 2016 season.