And...we're back.

Some of us oldies rested our bodies for 3 months, others, we'll call them "overachievers", continued their training through weekly winter scrimmages, and the rest, wisely caught up on family time. No matter how we spent this holiday break, we are refreshed and ready to skate!

LVRG practices started this week with impressive attendance from our dedicated skaters. Being a Lehigh Valley Rollergirl isn't easy. We've all committed to a minimum of 2, always intense, weekly practices, 9 away games, including 3 international games, 13 home games, monthly community events, and most importantly, challenging ourselves and each other to be... better than the day before.

Part of the excitement of every new season comes from the possibility in the new. New leadership -- board of directors; committee members; the quiet skater, who unknowingly will inspire us all. The most dynamic leadership change, of course, is the introduction of our new head coach, Levelin' Levi. After years of dedicated service, Rose Beef has stepped down as head coach. She hasn't gone too far from the track, however. If you're lucky, you'll still be able to spot her, but wearing an official's jersey.

Welcome Head Coach Levi, Coach MJ, and Coach Torte. And congratulations home team captains, Double Barrel HotGunz and Christie Winkler.

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Bethlehem Municipal Ice Rink

345 Illick's Mill Rd
Bethlehem, PA 18017

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