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Flat Track Roller Derby

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Join Lehigh Valley Roller Derby

Amateur Adult Sports League

From full-contact rollerskating to non-skating officiating, you will be an essential member of our league.



for the CULTURE

Through intensive training, competitive activities, and teammate support we strive to better each other through hard work, motivation, perseverance, respect for cultural diversity and continuous personal development.




We are LVRD. We are an amateur adult sports league. Our members age from 18-52. Like super heroes, we masquerade as teachers, mothers, nurses, engineers, computer programmers by day, fully geared up roller skaters by night. 

We practice 3 times a week, around 9 months of the years. Our home games are played locally at the Bethlehem Municipal Ice Rink and we travel as far as 2 hours for away games on Saturdays.

We are a mixed group of smart, hard-working, supportive athletes, who enjoy both a physical and mental challenge. Roller derby is a sport of endurance, strategy and technique.


It's not easy, but for us, roller derby is our stress-reliever, confidence builder, friendship-maker, and our support.




We are currently recruiting!


Come with basic roller rink skating skills, we teach you the rest. Our coaches expand your skills, certified officials teach you rules, we cross-train to build muscle and we support each other to solidify our team.

Next tryouts - TBA


Become a rules expert and show off your skating skills in stripes or nix the wheel and keep stats.  There's no derby game without our officials.

Fun equipment include whistles, clipboards, laptops, stopwatches. 


Know the game and love to talk about it? Have a powerful voice and witty personality?

Try it out!

(Did we mention, you get a microphone?!)


Action packed and fast paced with jammer sprinting, toe stop running, apex jumping, blocker smashing. If you're up to the challenge, contact us for details.

Free admission and refreshment. Prior arrangements required. Bring your own equipment.


In solidarity with The Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA)...


We are "committed to inclusive and anti-discrimination practices in relation to all transgender women, intersex women, and gender expansive participants, and aims to ensure that all skaters’, volunteers’, and employees’ rights are respected and protected."


The Super Basics of Roller Derby

10 skaters: 2 Jammers, 2 Pivots, 8 Blockers


Two 30 minute halves broken up into Jams. Jams are at most, 2 minutes each.


Penalties are served for 30 seconds.


Points are scored by the Jammer passing opposing blockers


The game of Flat Track Roller Derby is played on a flat, oval track. Play is broken up into two 30-minute periods, and within those periods, into units of play called “Jams,” which last up to two minutes. There are 30 seconds between each Jam.

During a Jam, each team fields up to five Skaters. Four of these Skaters are called “Blockers” (together, the Blockers are called the “Pack”), and one is called a “Jammer.” The Jammer wears a helmet cover with a star on it.

The two Jammers start each Jam behind the Pack, and score a point for every opposing Blocker they lap, each lap. Because they start behind the Pack, they must get through the Pack, then all the way around the track to be eligible to score points on opposing Blockers.

Roller derby is a full-contact sport; however, Skaters cannot use their heads, elbows, forearms, hands, knees, lower legs, or feet to make contact to opponents. Skaters cannot make contact to opponents’ heads, backs, knees, lower legs, or feet.

Play that is unsafe or illegal may result in a Skater being assessed a penalty, which is served by sitting in the Penalty Box for 30 seconds of Jam time.

The team with the most points at the end of the game wins.

Thirsty for more information on the rules of Flat Track Roller Derby?

Just jump in and join us!

Too much? Maybe a little creepy. Sorry. We're just excited to get back to derby and excited you might be joining us.

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Lehigh Valley Roller Derby is dedicated to providing an opportunity for athletes to achieve their maximum potential, both athletically and intellectually through the sport of roller derby.


Through intensive training, competitive activities and community involvement, Lehigh Valley Roller derby strives to embody specific core values including hard work, motivation, perseverance, respect for cultural diversity and continuous personal development. Our members are proud to be positive role models for young people by displaying a sense of good sportsmanship, personal integrity and ethical conduct and look forward to continued growth regionally and nationally.


This 501(c)(3) non-profit, skater-owned and operated league is dedicated to promoting strong women and the spirit of sisterhood, both on and off the track. When not in the rink, the members can often be found at various community events in the area.

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With the revival of women’s roller derby sweeping the nation, the Lehigh Valley Rollergirls were established in January 2006 to bring the thrill and excitement of the sport to the Valley.


Over the years the team has received attention from local media outlets, including PBS and Pulse Weekly, and even traveled to Montreal in June 2007 to play in one of the first international roller derby bouts since the revival of the sport. Since then, we've traveled as far south as Florida and hosted two international teams from England and Scotland at our home rink. 

As a member of The Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA), we too are committed to inclusive and anti-discrimination practices in relation to all transgender women, intersex women, and gender expansive participants, and aims to ensure that all skaters’, volunteers’, and employees’ rights are respected and protected. In support of this commitment, also in 2020, we officially changed our league name to Lehigh Valley Roller Derby.

Like many organizations, the Covid pandemic put an abrupt halt to our 2020 progress. We are currently working to rebuild our league and build our momentum for the 2022 season.


Our goal is to recruit you to join us. We are looking for all positions: Skaters, coaches, officials, announcers, sports photographers. Become a valued member of our league. Join us!!


Help us rebuild. Whatever your gender, age, skillset. We need your help. Skaters and officials train 2 times a week to advance our skills and strengthen our bodies. Although injures do happen, we all agree, "It's worth it." 




Lafayette College
Kirby Sports Center

700 W Pierce St

Easton, PA 18042


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